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Mexico Update 2023

We once again had a wonderful - and HOT- five days of serving alongside of of the church, Algo Mas, right across the border from El Paso. Algo Mas is located in Anapra, which is on the outskirts of Juarez, Mexico, and they create wonderful opportunities to serve their community and make the name of Jesus known in a city that needs to know Him. 

We had the wonderful privilege of taking 25 people from Neighborhood Church, all of them coming with their family...moms, dads, children....all traveling together, serving Jesus together, sweating together...what a gift! Our days were filled with painting, putting up fencing around a soccer field, cleaning, installing mini-splits (a/c unites), visiting an orphanage, hosting children in the community for a block party, and on many days, avoiding being outside as the temperatures were pushing 110 degrees. It was a privilege to work hard together and to encourage Algo Mas in all that is happening right across the border.

Thank you all for praying! We appreciate your support and look forward to returning to partner alongside the good work that God is doing!

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