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Join Chris & Linda Peeler for

Equipped & Unashamed

An Evangelism Training Course

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What will we talk about?

  • Develop a theology of evangelism

  • Bask in the power of the Gospel

  • Get a grip on your fears

  • Put on compassion

  • Be trained (starting, continuing, finishing conversations)

  • The Law? Really??

  • Practice by role playing

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About the Peeler's

Pastor Chris Peeler and his wife Linda labor together in Making the Gospel Known Ministries. Chris has served as a pastor since 1982. In 2008 he was commissioned by church elders to serve as a pastor ”outside the church walls.” It was then that MGKM was founded. Besides their work of reaching the lost with the gospel, Chris and Linda are devoted to serving and strengthening the local church. Chris regularly preaches in various churches and together they conduct evangelism training seminars, marriage and parenting seminars, a Scripture memory workshop, an Art of Communication workshop and REACH, a gospel-focused ministry to young people. Both Chris and Linda had been widowed, and then they met and fell madly in love in 2009. Together they have 15 children and 25 grandchildren. They live in Pasadena, MD. 

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