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Neighborhood Church

"Neighbors helping neighbors as Jesus helps us" 

So how does Jesus help us?

It's by the Gospel which means "good news" and it is the BEST news. Click the video to learn more...

Join us at our next event...
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What is NC Gather?
Neighborhood Church has two ways to connect: NC Groups & NC Gather. So what's the difference?
NC Groups are a made up of a small group of people (12-15) who meet weekly in someone's home to discuss the Bible, share a meal, have real and honestt conversation, and find ways to care for their specific community.
NC Gather meets once a month or so for a "typical" church service. All of our NC Groups come together as one Neighborhood Church to sing, hear teaching from God's Word, and share some food together too. 

So what do you do if you want to attend our NC Gather event? Let us know you are coming by clicking here, and if you want to meet up for a cup off coffee, click here to connect with us! 
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