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Tournament Information

Under 1200 -

Registered Players (Updated: 5/5)

  1. Ava Lindsley (31209797) unr.

  2. Lauren Lindsley (31211269) unr.

  3. Blake Wright (31194487) unr.

  4. Jon Bisset (30449115) 1021

  5. Eli Colón (31211200) unr.

  6. Kyle Davis (30864418) 619

  7. Sean Mihaly (30364542) 982

  8. Maxx Geiger (31196060) unr.

  9. Eli Shaffer (30471571) 216

  10. Ethan Shaffer (31232461) unr.

  11. Ryan Hu (16580558) 946

  12. Arjun Hariram (31217801) unr.

  13. Brian Gehrdes (31179805) unr.

  14. Jarrell Gladden (30672675) unr.

  15. Donna Runyon (30709455) unr.

  16. Dashon Jefferson (31094036) unr.

  17. Spencer Cappolla (17133665) 1026

  18. Micah Hurtado (31237843) unr.

  19. Alex Dunn (17020661) 107

  20. Ethan Hayes (16953978) 325

  21. Toby Wolf (31242470) unr.


Registered Players (Updated: 5/5)


  1. Reese Boynton (31194117) unr.

  2. Tom Sevik (31221110) unr.

  3. Tom Bateman (31216964) unr.

  4. Francis Greco (12432553) 1345

  5. Eric Sun (16550302) 1455

  6. Marc Ulrich (30869643) 1662

  7. Emerson Holcomb (15557394) 1848

  8. Anthony Romero (16738741) 1201 

Tournament Payout:

For both selections (Under 1200 & Open)

First Place: $100

Second Place: $75

Third Place: $50


4SS, G/30

*Updated* Schedule:

Registration - 8:30-9:30am

Round 1 - 10:00am

Round 2 -  11:30am

Lunch Break 12:30-1:30pm

Round 3  - 1:30pm

Round 4 - 3:00pm

Award Ceremony - 4:15-4:30pm

Other Important Information:

  1. If you are not a member of the USCF (United States Chess Federation), you need to join the USCF before registering for the tournament. After joining the USCF, you will receive a USCF membership ID. This ID will be required when you register for the tournament. To join the USCF, click on the blue link below, and choose the best membership option for you. For kids under 18, the cost is $20; for young adults, the cost is $24; for essentially everyone else, the cost is $45 per year. Your USCF membership needs to be renewed each year.

  2. Please bring a chess clock and chess set to the tournament. We will have some clocks and sets on hand, but we do not have enough to cover all 50 players.

  3. Per the rules of rated tournaments, all players will be required to notate (record) their games. The standard way of doing this is using algebraic chess notation (this is much easier than it sounds!). We will have training on how to do this at our next RCC meeting (4/21). The links below also explain how this is done. Notation pads will be available at the tournament.


**Concessions will be available on site. Several restaurants are located within a mile of Glyndon United Methodist. ***

Free Parking:
There is ample free parking in the lot located behind the church. Look for signs and RCC hosts to direct you where to park.


You have either the choice to pay on-site, or we will email an invoice to you. When you register you will select which one you prefer. If you prefer to pay on-site, we will accept cash or credit card. 

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