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Reisterstown Chess Club

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Who are we?

Who are we? In short, we are a lot of people from one church (Neighborhood Church) who really enjoy the game of chess, see a need for a club in our area, want to create an environment for respectful discussion on topics that matter, and build community within Reisterstown.

What does this mean for meetings? Respectful talk/discussion about religious matters is permitted, we may host various activities or discussions related to the Bible (which will be completely optional and will will not affect chess play), there will be Christian-themed items in various parts of the club’s rooms; and we may pray to start or conclude a RCC session. If you are religious or non-religious, we hope you will give us a chance! 

For more answers to your questions, visit our FAQ page, and follow RCC on Facebook

Need to get in touch with us? Email our Club Director, Ian Lindsley

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