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Where do we meet?

We meet every Sunday at 11:00am in neighborhoods throughout our community. To get more information on locations, and which group would be best for you, click the button below and give us a little information, and we will be in contact with you. Or, you are welcome to call or text Pastor Mark, 443-388-3350. We look forward to meeting you!


Share a Meal

This is not a concept we came up with at Neighborhood Church. The first Christians gathered together on a regular basis to sit down and eat together (Acts 2:46). We start each Sunday with a meal (each family contributes something to the meal) because eating food together creates a common place for everyone to connect, build relationships, or meet someone new. We value this time of slowing down and enjoying good conversation. If you are a first time guest, no need to bring anything, please just come and let us host you and your family.


Communion/The Lord’s Supper

This ordinance is very important to the church. We are remembering the great price Christ paid for us as we take the cup (grape juice), and the bread (cracker), and think of Christ’s body that was broken, and His blood that was shed. His sacrifice has great meaning and greatly impacts our life today.


Most weeks we have a time of singing together. This allows us to turn our attention to worshiping God in a creative way. Everyone is welcome to sing. Some do, some don’t. Some stand, some sit.

Time of Prayer

Each week we have an intentional time of prayer, focusing our attention on the Lord.  It might be led by one by person, or the group may be given the opportunity to pray out loud if they want to do so.

Time in the Word

Each week, a leader or pastor of Neighborhood Church will take some time to teach and explain a particular passage from the Bible. There is a time of discussion for comments and questions.


In the Neighborhood

We want to be intentionally in our neighborhood - from prayer walking to doing a service event, we desire for Neighborhood Church to be a game changer in our community.